This Nerdy Care Package Made My Day

Before I headed to California last weekend I received a phone call from my PO Box saying I had three packages waiting for me. I was expecting two of them (in fact, I had been expecting them for a while, but apparently the “courtesy” call I’m supposed to receive when packages arrive never happened -_-) but I was a little confused about the third one—I wasn’t expecting anything.

As I suspected two of the packages were items sent to me a LONG time ago for review purposes (again, thanks for the lack of the courtesy call!). But then the clerk plopped this unexpected box on the counter and said it had just arrived from California. And let me tell you, upon taking one look at that box I snatched it (ha, snatch) and quickly made my way to my car where I tore into it like—…okay. I’ve already made enough sexual references for the day. Let’s just say I tore into it. 

Oh, if only you could have heard my squeals…

The amount of warm and fuzzy feelings inside my body was immeasurable. This was so incredibly sweet, and it seriously made my entire day (and then some!). So, to you, Mr. Kind Soul—who I stalked on the interewebs until I found someone who knows you—I’ll say it again: Thank you SO MUCH. 


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  • Creem_Filling

    I have that camera! It’s the coolest thing ever, when you develop pictures with it, it has a pokemon border on all the photos! >.< I wuv it sooo much.

    • Britt

      DUDE! Now that you mention that, I think I remember when those came out way back when! Freakin’ sweeeeeeeet.

  • Weebo

    That is pretty freaking awesome. It makes me want to write 63 songs.


    • Britt

      I do not know that song. Does this mean I suck at life?

      • Weebo

        It means you need to watch ‘Say Anything’ and then you’ll understand.

        Best John Cusack movie ever.

  • How did they get your address, and why do we all have it now??

  • Yeah, nevermind. PO Box. Read Glenn. Read.

    • Britt

      HAHAHA! Hey, at least you figured it out yourself! ;D

  • Ummmm… WOW!

  • I absolutely love the “It’s dangerous to go alone” sticker.

  • pffft >.> I offered to send you a care package long ago. Never even cared to give me your PO.

    I see how it is.