Why I Heart Dating Nerds

First of all, this:

This makes me chuckle every time BECAUSE IT IS SO TRUE.

Now, I’ve dated guys in the past who aren’t gamers. And it’s not like the first thing I ask a guy upon meeting him is, “Are you into videogames?” No. I usually ask that gem right after I find out what he calls himself and where he hails from.

DON’T LAUGH. I can’t help it; gaming and nerd culture is such a huge part of my life. And if you can’t tell, I’m not just this way on the internet. I make meme, videogame, anime and other nerderific references daily and I often catch myself doing/saying/thinking things that cause me to shake my head myself. Like today, for example–I saw this chocolate and for a split second thought it was from Zelda. Specifically, I thought it was the Lens of Truth.

(I don’t even…how? Whatever. Zelda has been on my mind lately.)

And if, by God, that symbol actually resembled the Lens of Truth the first thing I’d want to do is tell my significant other about it, because you know what? At that moment I think it’s the coolest fucking thing in the world that MY chocolate candy symbol looks like the Lens of fucking Truth. So if a guy can’t get excited about it (or at convince me he is) it’s a turn off—not to mention an enormous boner kill.

Not to dive too much into my personal life, but like I said I’ve dated non-gamers. And just because a dude doesn’t like getting down and dirty with a controller doesn’t mean he can’t be splendid, awesome, etc., etc.  But I have to be honest and say that dating is SO much more fun when that person is a gamer and is generally tuned into the nerd community (in some way or another). It’s like you’re both constantly surfing on the same wavelength. Let’s go to PAX; let’s go to a videogame concert; let’s stay indoors, order hot wings and waste hours of our lives sitting in front of a television questing — because when I’m doing those things I’m 100% in my element, feel at ease and the most like myself. And the more I’m able to feel that way around you, the more awesome points you’ll earn.

So, yes, there is a reason I own several “I <3 Nerds” t-shirts. I really mean it!

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