Why I Heart Dating Nerds

First of all, this:

This makes me chuckle every time BECAUSE IT IS SO TRUE.

Now, I’ve dated guys in the past who aren’t gamers. And it’s not like the first thing I ask a guy upon meeting him is, “Are you into videogames?” No. I usually ask that gem right after I find out what he calls himself and where he hails from.

DON’T LAUGH. I can’t help it; gaming and nerd culture is such a huge part of my life. And if you can’t tell, I’m not just this way on the internet. I make meme, videogame, anime and other nerderific references daily and I often catch myself doing/saying/thinking things that cause me to shake my head myself. Like today, for example–I saw this chocolate and for a split second thought it was from Zelda. Specifically, I thought it was the Lens of Truth.

(I don’t even…how? Whatever. Zelda has been on my mind lately.)

And if, by God, that symbol actually resembled the Lens of Truth the first thing I’d want to do is tell my significant other about it, because you know what? At that moment I think it’s the coolest fucking thing in the world that MY chocolate candy symbol looks like the Lens of fucking Truth. So if a guy can’t get excited about it (or at convince me he is) it’s a turn off—not to mention an enormous boner kill.

Not to dive too much into my personal life, but like I said I’ve dated non-gamers. And just because a dude doesn’t like getting down and dirty with a controller doesn’t mean he can’t be splendid, awesome, etc., etc.  But I have to be honest and say that dating is SO much more fun when that person is a gamer and is generally tuned into the nerd community (in some way or another). It’s like you’re both constantly surfing on the same wavelength. Let’s go to PAX; let’s go to a videogame concert; let’s stay indoors, order hot wings and waste hours of our lives sitting in front of a television questing — because when I’m doing those things I’m 100% in my element, feel at ease and the most like myself. And the more I’m able to feel that way around you, the more awesome points you’ll earn.

So, yes, there is a reason I own several “I <3 Nerds” t-shirts. I really mean it!


  1. Regardless of what your hobby is, it’s nice to date someone else who likes the same things. I think that applies especially to nerdy hobbies, though. Someone might think your rock-climbing hobby is awesome, even if they don’t go rock-climbing themselves. But someone who doesn’t play video games will probably just think your video game hobby is neckbeardy.
    I met my fiance through video games and we have an awesome time just sitting around and being massive nerds together. We’ve played through Final Fantasy IX on battle co-op, beating Ozma together and arguing over who gets to play Chocobo Hot & Cold. I actually ENJOY watching him try to play through Metal Gear Solid 3 on extreme mode without alerting the guards. We can talk for hours about The Elder Scrolls series. It’s awesome.
    Dating nerds is the best…as long as they’re sane, well-rounded nerds.

    • OMG. You just described the perfect relationship. <3333. I always love hearing about happy nerd couples.

      Also, I lol'd at "neckbeardy"!

    • Aav(Join) HIN (your) Zii (spirit) VOTH (With) Ahmul (Husband)
      closest I could come up with given the limited lexicon of the dragon tongue. there is no word for Marry,Me,Mine,or love…a very aggressive yet humble language. Here is a wiki page with all the known dragon words lets see those translations!

      I would also like to point out that Brit is the Dragon word for Beautiful… Someone at Bethesda likes you Brit.

      • HAHAHAHA! You guys crack me up! Also, this must mean Bethesda has a job ready for me or something. I need to get on that! ;)

  2. I totally agree. Variety can be good, but if someone can’t share your passion for something you truly care about, they’re just gonna be a huge buzzkill, and we don’t need that ish.

    • Definitely. I think having different interests is good for any relationship (keeps things exciting!), but that being said, if that core passion of yours isn’t shared…no bueno. NO BUENO, Tony!

  3. You are dead on here. I met my fiance on twitter because I LOVED the gaming series he was producing. I could not have found a better lifelong companion. Granted, I love Skyrim and he only plays Fable. But, I still love him :)

    • LOL. At first I was reading that like, “You are dead on HERE [this website]” But anyway, I’m so happy to hear that! And hey, Fable…Skyrim…same thing, right? ;D

  4. This is something I keep trying to explain to others when I’m in one of my now-quite-regular depression spells due to my age. I use the phrase “I have nothing to offer women my age”, because let’s face it, the overwhelming majority of gamer girls aren’t older than 34 max- most are 20-something or early 30’s (diehard middle-aged women playing timewasters on Facebook is NOT a gamer!)

    I don’t have the same level of “nerdery” (I now declare this a word) as some. I know nerd 101 concepts but have had no advanced courses. =P

    But I am a gamer, period. Almost all of my free time is spent gaming, in most every type of gaming genre. This means I have no interest in meeting a 40 year old divorcee who is into gardening, travel, and home DIY projects. No, I want someone who’s going to stay off MY computer… but has her own that’s almost as kickass (mine is hard to beat, after all) and can enjoy a round of Team Fortress 2 or swapping stories- without spoilers- about Skyrim.

    Of course, because I point out how I’m looking for younger women, I get thrown into the “creeper” pit (I *despise* that word- as if being attracted to someone is somehow creepy? Bizarre…) and told I need to settle.

    Is it too much to ask to find a 24-34 year old gamer girl as an almost 40 year old? Well, I’ve been flat outright told “yes, it is too much to ask.”

    If so… I give up when I turn 40 in a few months. >_<

    • Psh. Don’t listen to them or whoever it is saying, “it’s too much to ask.” You know what you want and you deserve it. But don’t lose hope–I’ve found when you’re not looking is usually when you find someone! :)

  5. no doubt sharing core interests is helpful to creating the feeling of comfort that benefits a relationship. I usually do not find myself interested in most of the female gamers I meet. Not because I innately like girls who don’t game but because I get very annoyed with the strange fangirl/boyism that runs rampant throughout the gaming community. Gamers do not seem to be able to play games because they are fun. Worse yet is that they carry that attitude with them throughout the rest of their lives leading to usually depressed or just depressing individuals.

    Here is a little snippet from a conversation I had a month ago. “Ms. Splosionman is so bad its story has no depth unlike final fantasy 8” I replied with “yeah” While in my head I was thinking “you wanted good story from a game called Ms.Splosionman… oh and cite Final Fantasy 8 as being a deep story…I think I am done talking to you about anything other than the weather.”

    That being said you need to get your ass to San Francisco so I can start earning awesome points while eating hotwings and playing games. also Drewzorf resides here.

    [] check this box to confirm my cyber stalk for the week.

    • LOL! Derrick, I <3 you. Yeah, I know what you mean about the negative attitude. Also, Final Fantasy 8 is a JPRG. Ms. Splosionman is a platformer. The genres are totally different. That's like saying you don't like Super Mario World because it doesn't have the depth of, like, Chrono Trigger. MY GOD that's irritating! HAHA!

  6. Brit iv been following your Nerd’om / Geek’dom for about a year or so now and since I read your Twitter/Facebook posts, blogs, vlogs and youtube fascinations you’ve become like a weekly dose of admiration and humour to me in the gameing world of quotes, collectibles (waaaay to many to write here just yet) Zombies, hot wings, soundtrack loving DragonAge (totally awesome) RPG’s (Which I LOVE ALSO!) etc etc to name a few.. I hope you do find someone that’s is certainly on par with questing and quoting needs as I can relate to the non gamer when dating!

    If you haven’t dated a British guy yet and don’t mind the accent look me up and when I’m in the US next we “Could” catch up over a few Zelda, Chrono Trigger, retro discussions along with new skyward style hotwing progression that is relating, reciprocating to our geeky ways living.

    Hope all is well and have a great Christmas & New year!

    Domo Arigato

    Scott Cody ^_^

    P.S whatever happens to the Zaxy people I.e Tara and co?

    • Aw, Scott thank you *so* much. Your comment just made my day! ^__^

      HA. “Mind” accents? Dude. I live for accents. They are the best thing since Dragon Age.

      Tara and Kristina are still doing well, and we’re all doing a bit of Zaxy stuff but more focused on our personal projects. You can find them on Twitter! Tara = @GeekyHostess Kristina = @KristinaHorner :)

      • You’re welcome.
        Excuse the typos though =P
        Glad you caught my drift (like a heart, in a chest, behind a waterfall.. “Daah Naa Naa Naah!” *Holds above head)

        Keep in touch gamer


        Twitter @CodySauce

  7. I would love to date a girl who was really into gaming too. I hear ya that it’d be cool to share that part of my life with someone else because it’s a big part of mine right now. It’s not a prerequistie but definately adds a +100 to her attractiveness stat.

  8. See the only issue here is it’s so much easier for a female gamer to find a like minded male than the other way around. I love just about anything tech related and it seems like finding a girl who shares that mindset is more difficult than 100% completing Skyrim

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