Wind Waker Log #6

February 16, 2011: Was I the only one disappointed by Ganon’s Tower?

Upon entering Ganon’s Tower I immediately noticed the room consisted of a central platform with five bridges stemming it, each leading to separate rooms. So I’m thinking, yeah buddy, five different doors already? This “dungeon” is going to be a BEAST.


Turns out each room leads to a “mini-level” themed after the prior dungeons. Okay, so it’s not totally new content, but whatever. But at the end of each of the levels, you had to go face-to-face with the corresponding dungeon boss…again.


Sure, it was cool in the sense that I realized how much better at Wind Waker I had become but…really? This isn’t Dragon Roost Cavern, it’s Ganon’s Castle. The labyrinth of the pig-nosed bastard himself. And it’s not like the difficulty was upped in each of the levels—in fact, they were extremely easy and I blazed through them.


Long story short?!

I BEAT THE GAME. Actually, I beat it on February 13th, but hey.

It may have taken me over seven years, but I did it!

Wind Waker surprised me in every way. Like I’ve said numerous times before, I jumped into it with a skeptical attitude (that had been brewing since I was a teenager, mind you) but my doubts were quickly alleviated. Sure, the Triforce fetch quest was a pain in the ass (though it wasn’t as bad as I had assumed it would be) and yes, sailing the ocean was oftentimes tedious as hell, but the important thing was the gameplay was enjoyable, the dungeons were well-built (which is a HUGE deal to me. I’m a dungeon whore) and Link morphed into a badass.

Maybe now I’ll give Spirit Tracks a go. I bought that eons ago as well.

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