Wind Waker Log #2

January 30, 2011: The more I progress into Wind Waker the more I hate myself for waiting so damn long to give it a fair shot. Sigh. I hurt inside when I remember the thin layer of dust I had to wipe off of the box 12 days ago…

In the past week and a half, I’ve been spending what little free time I have saillin’ the seas of…crap. No, I haven’t been sailing seas of crap. I mean I can’t remember the name of the world is in Wind Waker. HMMM. Does it even have a name? I know Hyrule is just chillin’ below the Great Sea, but…whatever. I’m a tard. Anyway, I think I’ve progressed a good amount in the game. I’m about to tackle the Wind and Earth Temple, and after that I think is when I’m supposed to find the Triforce shards.


Come to think of it, the reason I quit playing Wind Waker years ago was because I loathed trying to find those bastards.


…even if it requires some alcohol to muster through it. GOD. This is totally random, but I just got a flashback of my drunk ass driving the Warthog in ODST. That was a disaster. I wonder how I’d fair operating King of Read Lions while under the influence? Bahaha.

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