Want a sexy pic? Here’s a sexy pic.

I’m kiiiiinda getting tired of all of these requests for a “sexy pic” or a “sexy video” or WHATEVER. While hilarious, it’s like, really dude? Y U SO SILLY.

I finally broke down and sent a goddamn sexy pic.

Ryan, I anxiously await your response.


  1. You should’ve left his email exposed. I could’ve sent him some hot-ass pics.

    Aww yeah. Latino heat!!!

  2. LOL — well played, Britt. Well played. The problem is that most dudes would still probably think that pic is sexy, because, c’mon, it’s a chick playing the Ocarina of Time. What dude wouldn’t want those ovaries?

  3. Know your audience. The kind of dudes reading gong blogs are GoIng to cream their jeans more over this than if you were riding a mechanical bull in lacy lingerie. Always keeping it real, but yeah, as said above, beware the photoshop nerds….

    • What’s wrong with my sexy face? That’s what I use when I go out on weekends. Maybe that’s why I can never bring a guy home…

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