THIS Is How You Do A Live-Action Trailer

How do you feel about live-action trailers? I feel like I’ve seen quite a bit lately and they’re kinda hit or miss. Like, some are REALLY good and others, well, others are just…others. I guess that could be said about anything, but WHATEVER.

But this, THIS Sunset Overdrive surpasses all and is quite possibly the best one I’ve seen. Friggen’ hilarious. Almost as hilarious as the couple that’s currently fighting outside of my house in a language I don’t understand. Why do different languages always sound SO funny, especially during arguments? But alas, ’tis a question I shall ponder another day.

If you’re looking for some legit Sunset Overdrive action, here’s a little sumthin’sumthin’.

Do you think you’ll pick Insomniac’s latest when it releases on October 28th for the Xbox One? (Yes, it’s exclusive.)


  1. If it’s anything like ratchet and clank, gameplay wise, then count me IN, and out.. and .. all around it,….. okay this is getting sexual.

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