Like, the most beautiful and poetic words can’t even hold a torch to the feelings I have swarming around inside. I haven’t been this stoked for a release in a long, LONG time–hell, I’m more excited for ME3 than I was for Dragon Age 2 and Skyward Sword!

For starters, I’m actually *ready* to play this bad boy; I successfully transferred all of my Mass Effect saves from my dead 360 over to my new, sexier slim 360 via a transfer cable.  Do you remember that boner kill I had with Dragon Age 2? I’m not talking about the overall suckage of the game, but how I was midway through a Dragon Age: Origins save file when Dragon Age 2 launched? I couldn’t even start Dragon Age 2 for weeks. NOT HAPPENING WITH MASS EFFECT 3!!! EEEEEEEEE…..

Also, I sorta-kinda took tomorrow off of work. Because I sort-kinda plan on going to the midnight launch and playing until I am reunited with my one true love, Kaidan Alenko.

OH MY GOD. This also means I can write “Mass Effect 3” under my “currently playing” widget on the sidebar.



  1. Lucky you…when my 360 bit the dust, I lost all six of me ME1 and all three of my ME2 saves (all nine of which were 100% completion, with no losses during the finale of the later game’s saves). I’m in the middle of balancing school, trying to get a perfect save for ME1 and 2, and The Old Republic (which my ass of a friend got me addicted to KNOWING I my predicament).


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