So, THAT’S How You Guys Find This Site!

To be completely honest, I have close to ZERO knowledge about Google Analytics and how it works. All I know is it shows me numbers. And, the higher the number, the better…most of the time. I think. Anyway, the one thing I know how to decipher is the keyword screen, and  I get a kick out of seeing which words are directing people to this site. Some of them make me laugh.

Out of a few hundred, here are some that caught my eye.

  1. “were not dead greg miller” Okay, don’t tell Greg that he’s brought some traffic to my site. On the other hand it’s my podcast that has Greg’s name attached to it, so there. Never mind. GREG DIDN’T DO ANYTHING.
  2. “brittaney barumbaker” There’s a spelling I’ve never seen before. People spell my name in the funniest ways. FOR THE RECORD: Brittney Brombacher. I’m sorry I couldn’t have had a simpler name, like, Alenko.
  3. “blondenerd youtube” I wish I could make a Youtube account under that handle. But someone already has it. [sad face]
  4. “ass e3” Uh. Unless someone knows something I don’t….
  5. “videos of blonde getting fucked” Um. Again. Unless someone knows something I don’t…
  6. “dragon age 7” Since we’re on the topic of Dragon Age 7 (lucky you!), wouldn’t that be crazy if there were seven installments? COULD YOU IMAGINE THE MADNESS? At least that’d give Bioware five games to perfect Alistair’s face. And yes, Alistair will be in Dragon Age 7. CON-FIRMED.
  7. “it’s may 21st we’re alive” and “it’s may 21st and we’re not dead” Now this is very PUNNY. Yes, with a P. You see, my birthday is on May 21st. I host a podcast called We’re Not Dead, which is about another podcast called We’re Alive. Get it?! I win the internet.
  8. “omnommer lothar” O_O that is the name of my Undead Hunter in World of Warcraft. Lothar is the server I am on. Kudos to whoever googled that…
  9. “dragon age marian hawke tities” BAHAHAHAHAHA. This. Made. My. Day. LOLOLOLOL

…Oh, God. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I just Googled number 9. My site is like the seventh one down. X_X



  1. After reading the fine print, I just googled no9, you’re no1 on that list. You should do what one Youtuber did, and get everyone to google something, and it’ll be the number most search thing associated with Britt5091, Blondenerd or Britt Brombacher. Haha.

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