Sneak Peek: Link Costume

This is pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me. EVER.


I had my second and final photoshoot for the Girls of Geek calendar yesterday, and holy balls, there were a lot of pictures were taken! They’re just starting to trickle in, so I’m balls-excited to see the rest. Until then, have an amazeballs Halloween! I’m going to be sporting the Link costume tomorrow, and all I know is I’m going to have a buff-ass arm at the end of the night. That shield is HEAVY.

Also, balls. I’ve said balls a lot in this post. BALLS BALLS BALLS.


  1. I like to imagine that these pictures where taken in sequence. the first one the photographer was like “do what you think looks good.” and then the photographer realized that he needs to give you direction.
    Awesome pictures, I will have an amazeballs halloween. Also think of holding up that heavy shield for training up to holding up that big ass sword you just got. You will never have to worry about disputes with your neighbors again when you lurk around with a big ass sword!

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