Second Bathroom Ideas

I need this in my life.

::puffs chest out:: I’m proud to report that I have bought ALL OF MY ZELDA THINGS for my future lady room. Thanks to Etsy — and a little pleading for custom orders– it was relatively easy to scour the interwebs for Zelda stuffthings. I thought it would be a lot harder to find bathroom decor, but I’ve come to the conclusion that next to the Mario franchise, the Zelda series has the most decorations available for ANYTHING. (Iiiincluding decorations for your vagina. I found some killer Link’s Awakening underwear I wish I would have bought.)

The items have began to ship, and I can’t wait to put everything together and show all of you! One of my favorite decorations has to be this:

i've seen bigger. toiletjpg


I mean, it doesn’t really fit with my, erm, genetic plumbing, but perhaps after a night full of hot wing shenanigans I can make that decal relevant. (I know, I know. I’m so sexy and dainty.)

Now, the question becomes this: What theme do I roll with for my second bathroom? I asked this question earlier and received TONS of great ideas like Pokemon, Metroid, Mario, MGS, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, etc. Buuuut I think I’m going to roll with a Resident Evil theme (thanks to a suggestion from my buddy Michael!). After all, it’s one of my most beloved franchises and I’ve been with it since the fourth grade. Not to mention it was the first game to not only give me nightmares for years, but also kickstarted my sick and twisted obsession with zombies. So, like, it means a lot to me and stuff.

RE ideas

Above are just some of the things I’ve come across on Etsy, and the more and more I fap at the thought having a Resident Evil  bathroom the more excited *IN MY PANTS* I become. I’ll probably have to lay off of the blood and gore — seeing as this will be the main, erm, guest bathroom — but I think that’s doable. I found a BUTTLOAD of mock Umbrella Corp/RCPD ID badges on eBay I think would look rather spiffy splayed around, so I’ll pick those up soon. I also want to buy one of these to hang on the bathroom wall:

in case of zombies 2

in case of zombies

I’m still keeping an eye peeled, so if you happen to know of any rad salsa Resident Evil items of the decor variety floating around please let me know!



  1. I’ve been a lurked for a year or maybe two years now, but have you ever posted what you do for a living, or how it is you have a whole house/apartment/really big cardboard box to decorate?

    • Hey dude! Nice to finally talk to you ;D I have a little blurb in my “about me” section, but I do social media marketing on the side. :D

  2. You have two of my favorite games of all time represented in your bathroom…I FREAKING LOVE IT :D

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