Real Life Navi Is Just As Annoying As In Game Navi

G…GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! /rips hair out /jumps out of apartment building /flops on sidewalk like a magikarp /jumps in front of nearest buss

WHEW. Annoyance stemming from this video aside, this is really quite brilliant. I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone else pose as Navi and proceed to annoy the fuck out of every con goer.¬†Thankfully you can hear people laughing in the background, so my guess is most understood what was going on — and if that wasn’t the case, I’m pretty sure this poor girl’s life would have ended sooner rather than later.

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  1. this video is like a war flash back from my childhood. But with getting to watch Link grabbing Navi and giving her a nuggie in frustration. It was like therapy, I get to move on with my life now! Thanks Britt, now I am going back to Midna.

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