Pokemon Blue Log #2: GO FISH, GO!

Y’know, it’s kind of hard to write about one’s progress in Pokémon! I mean, it’s not like the story is super complex with uber-layers and there isn’t a heckuva lot to do besides wander around, defeat gym leaders and, well, catch Pokémon. 

That being said, I spent a few hours last week catching these mystical creatures I would give my right testicle to bring into IRL. Seriously. I wish Pokémon were real so hard—but what’s weird is I used to want an IRL Koffing. I thought the little ball of gas would be extremely fun to play with. 

::points to self: WEIRDO. Yeah, he’d be super cute until he farted all over your face. 

Anyway, I defeated Lt. Surge and he was a walk in the park compared to the battle with Misty!


The battle with Surge eventually put my Charmeleon over level 30 (I think he’s currently at 32) AND if I remember correctly, Misty’s badge only confirms level 30 and below Pokemon will obey. I don’t remember getting another level-esque badges from Surge, so I’m worried Charmeleon will stop listening–in which case, ladies and gentlemen, I’m fucked. 

However, I do have a new weapon in my arsenal. 


YEAAAAH! Go fish, go! 

Other than Magikarp Gyarados, I’m currently rolling with Charmeleon (duh), a level 20 Pikachu, level 29 Dugtrio, a level 10 Sandshrew and a level 10 Bellsprout. I have a Geodude being watched by the daycare. 

::cue cheesy smile and thumb-up signs:: GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL! 

….Unfortunately I think I’ve caught, like, 30.


  1. Let us know if and when you attempt the Mew glitch! Did you look up any videos about it? I know for sure there’s one when you have to battle one of the trainers who led to The pokemaniac’s house, but if you already battled him, I believe there are other ways to get him.

  2. Your charmeleon is level 33 at least because he has learned slash ;)

    And since you’re giving your right testicle to get IRL Pokemon, I’ll give my left to contribute to that cause. Does that officially make a teabag?

    • WHOA. WHOA. I’m going to start calling you Prof Oak if you keep dropping this Pokémon knowledge on my face.

      And yes. Let’s teabag.

  3. I hope you meant breasticle not testicle lol.

    Wasn’t the lvl cap for pokemon obeying you only on traded pokemon. All self caught pokemon obey you at any lvl, any traded pokemon fall under the badge cap obedience rule.

    Oh your close by to your first snorelax, gotta catch one so he can-a-charge his Lazers :O Hyper Beam.

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