Off I go…again!

I’m not conceited.

I’m glad I haven’t gotten too comfortable upon returning from Los Angeles, because tonight I’m heading back to California. I’m going to San Francisco, baby!

Can I just say that I love California?

This time around, though, there aren’t any events to attend or conventions to cover. This is more of a leisure trip. I’m meeting up and staying with my BFFFORREVAAAA Rich, and we’re going to explore SF together. Well, he lives there, so it won’t be exploring to him, so whatever. BOO ON YOU RICH.

Since his birthday is this Friday I went out last night to do some last minute shopping. Since we’re practically the same person, you’d think it’d be easy to pick out birthday gifts, right? Nooo. It was HARD. He’s like me; everything we want, we buy ourself. Why wait around for your birthday or some other holiday when you can just get it immediately? So I made sure to pick out some things I’m SURE he doesn’t have. And if he already has them…I didn’t know him as well as I thought I did. I REALLY wish I could post pictures and tell you what I bought him, but there’s a chance he’ll be a Nosy Rosy and read this.

I’ve been flying a lot lately—Boston last month, Los Angeles last week and now San Fransico (if all works out, I may be going to San Diego in July, too!). And you know what I’ve discovered? I LOVE flying. I love airports. I love boarding planes. I love the wailing and screaming children, so as long as I can drown them out with my PSP and ear buds. Maybe it’s that sense of independence and the care-free feeling of no distractions. Just me, my shit, and my phone (which is turned off during the flight anyway).

So that’s where I’m going to be for the next several days. Who is excite? I am excite.


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