New Final Fantasy XV Trailer

Y’know, a lot of people have issues with this trailer. Sure, it doesn’t reveal much information (y’know, like a release date) or new gameplay, but still, I thought it was good for setting ‘da mood and all that. (I mean, it probably wouldn’t have killed them to use better font/text transitions, but WHAT DO I KNOW.)

“The destiny of the stars is set in motion 15 years before the events of FINAL FANTASY XV. As the shadow of turmoil is cast over the land, there is hope on the horizon as an unbreakable bond is forged between a father and son, and the light of a new dawn rises on a hero.”

Either way, I’m freakin’ STOKED for Final Fantasy XV. Geez, it’s been what, five, six years since I’ve legitimately been excited for a Final Fantasy title. (I’m talkin’ since Final Fantasy XIII.) I haven’t played XV’s demo yet, but I’m interested because the trailers and whatnot have made the cast of characters seem super fun and diverse, and that’s a HUGE part of what makes a game enjoyable for me.

Have you played the demo? What are your thoughts?

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