My Favorite Time to Play Videogames

Whether it’s right after work, dinner or after doing the dirty (HEY-O!) I’m sure everyone has their favorite time to play videogames. Of course, the technical and correct answer is that every second of every mutha’fuckin day is the best time to play videogames, but I think we all have a preference.

For example: my favorite time to play videogames is when I’m on vacation.


Generally, “my favorite time to play videogames is when I’m on vacation” means I’m referring to one of the many game conventions like PAX, E3, etc., and while those typically are my favorite vacations, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s my favorite place to play videogames. Don’t get me wrong, playing unreleased games is a blast, but unless you’re considered super-duper media your play time is limited and you can’t really immerse yourself. Then you have the hustle and bustle of 60k+ fellow nerds everywhere, the loud noises, the flashy lights…

So, I’ll say it again: my favorite time to play videogames is when I’m on vacation. Let me be more specific—a RELAXING, super uber chill vacation. For serious. Try packing a console with you next time you leave for a few days, because that’s exactly what I did last weekend and it was EFFIN’ AWESOME.

A friend and I headed down to Sisters, OR and stayed in this adorable lodge the weekend. No specific reason; we just wanted to leave the greater Seattle area and surround ourselves with nothingness in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. While there, our activities ranged from super stressful massages to a painstaking walk across a town that’s about 15 buildings long. You see what I’m sayin’? ;) So come Saturday night the only thing on our agenda was the following: whip out the Wii we brought and play Skyward Sword. We brought down the old and dusty tube television the hotel provided us with, propped it against the couch, pushed the bed forward (this consequently revealed tons of un-vacuumed hair from prior guests…eeewww) and got to it. And that, my friends, is exactly what we did from the early evening until 3:30 in the morning—it’s also, by far, my favorite part of the trip.

There is simply nothing better and more relaxing than a mini-getaway, spare time, good company and a videogame console. PERIOD. The fire was roarin’, the ceiling fan going 90 MPH and we just GAMED. No stress, interrupting phone calls, fires to put out, nada. Twas perfection. In fact, it was so perfect I took a picture with my brand new HD super-duper powerful camera!

Have you ever brought a console on vacation with you before?

But more importantly, do you prefer to game right after doing the dirty? ;D

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I really couldn’t.)

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  1. I’ve started taking a console with me whenever I go to my parents place which is 2 hours south of where I live. It’s a great time to game. Big house, big tv and some sort of alcoholic beverage

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