My 6th Grade Project: The Nintendo Room

I don’t know HOW I remember this 6th grade project so vividly. Our teacher had told us to describe our favorite room in our house, and back in THOOOOSE days there was a room dubbed the “Nintendo Room” by my mom. (Remember, everything was a “Nintendo.” PlayStation? Nope, it was a Nintendo. Dreamcast? Another form of Nintendo.) Essentially it was an open room that consisted of a couch, a tube TV, a computer (which was UNREAL back in those days) and a few of my favorite consoles.

This photo was taken five or so years after the project, but here’s one of the only photos the “Nintendo Room.”


We had to think of seven words, a mixture of nouns and “active words” (teacher’s words, not mine) and jot them down on our paper accompanied by a few drawings. And, uh, anyone who has met me knows my parents didn’t allot a ton of skill points to my “drawing” ability when I was being created.


Hahahaha — fingers, blisters, controllers, machine, frustrating, shouting, video games. Like, I was 10, 11 years old and I was already depicting gamer rage via a children’s drawing? What could I even have played that would have pissed me off?

…The Water Temple. It must have been that damn Water Temple.

What were you playing in 1999? Also, we can all thank my mom for keeping my old projects. I mean, she literally has stuff from preschool. O_O

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  1. After watching your video tour of the women cave the other day I love the fact that you included an official players guide in your drawing!

    Also 1999, the year of the Dreamcast. Ah Great system, great times.

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