Mario and Luigi May Have Another Brother

Mario and luigi

During a recent interview with Geoff Keighley, Shigeru Miyamoto dropped this bomb:

“I don’t know what types of games I’m going to make in the future… Perhaps there will come a day when Mario needs a third brother, and so at that point maybe we’ll create him.”


In all honesty, though, I wouldn’t read too much into this. What’s more interesting, however, is the thought of Mario and Luigi having another brother. Think about that for a minute. How would that character be introduced? He would need to have some sort of thorough back story that explains why he was never featured in any of the prior games, wouldn’t he? Or maybe I’m just overreacting a bit — but c’mon, to add another Mario broseph to the world would, like, interrupt the balance of physics and nature and stuff. I mean, you can’t just INTRODUCE another brother. That’d be like saying Link has a sister or something.

Wait, he does. BUT YOU CATCH MY DRIFT.

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  1. I think his name will be Antonio. He was the only one in the family NOT to be a plumber, so he never got flushed and ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom…Ok, my knowledge of Mario Bros. backstory pretty much begins and ends with the old Super Mario Bros. Super Show so that’s all I got.

    Oh, and his palette color will totally by blue.

  2. In Windwaker Zelda Link did have a sister and it was perfectly ok. But they can make the new Mario bro a long lost Mario bro who was in Bean Bean Kingdom.(Mario & Ligui

    rpg for bga) Just saying it could be a really cool story.

  3. OKAY, CRAZY IDEA, BUT…Mario and Luigi are kind of like Wakko and Yakko from Animaniacs. Mario is the big eater (obv), and Luigi is the too talky lanky one. That means that if they add the sibling, it should be a sister, the cute one. Also, I demand that whenever Mario and Luigi sees Peach from now on, they say “Helloooo Nurse!”

  4. They should just add two brothers then they can have a 4 player super Mario bros game with 4 Mario bros. Maybe the two bros have been held by Bowser this whole time

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