Loot Crate Unboxing: Survive Edition!

Holy hell, these Loot Crates keep getting better and better! >____<

If you want one of your own, dawg, sign up at http://lootcrate.com/blondenerd and save 10% with discount code Alistair! GOGOGO!

And because I love you, I’ll attach the random text I always accompany my videos with. And by “always” I mean I’ve done this with the past four or five videos.

“I think I’m addicted to The Witcher. It’s really funny (okay it’s not THAT funny) because a few years ago or so I started The Witcher and quickly burned out. Like, it was too much game for me to handle, But now I’ve finished The Witcher and am about 33.59% through the second one. Guys, I think I have a crush on Geralt. (Which in unfortunate because he’s an old wrinkly man in Wild Hunt) And it’s not just Geralt I have a thing for — the entire LORE of this game is fucking amazing as tits. So, like, word. 2014 is going to be an AMAZING year for RPG fans. The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Can I just freeze myself now?

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