inFamous Log #3: You Still Give Me Butterflies.

How are inFamous and I doing, you ask? Well, weve been on a few dates, and while the second wasnt as exciting as the first, the third gave me butterflies. And before you ask, the second date consisted of doing mundane tasks for helpless citizens. Fun, but not exciting.

So the gist of inFamous is starting to reveal itself, but barely. If the story were a stripper in a school girl outfit, her white blouse would be unbuttoned and the skirt would be unzipped. …right. MOVING ON. My core missions as of late have involved cleaning up the clusterfuck(s) created by the Reapers (Reapers…man, couldnt Sucker punch have come up with another name? I keep thinking of Mass Effect!). Destroying tar truck this, blowing up tar keg that…cool, I get it, the tar is bad news. In fact, when I try to heal those infected with it, the bastards stand up and try to attack me!

Yeah...that doesn't look good.

Just in the nick of time (before I became overly bored with it) the story revealed one of its bad boys: this hooded dude that met me on a rooftop.

After he said “She’s going to be pissed,” this guy splayed his fingers on Coles head and relayed to him images of the future. The images consisted of abundant sunshine with rainbow colored unicorns trotting the streets of Empire City while children giggled and played hopscotch on the sidewalk.

Okay, so the images really were of death and destruction. Go figure. And thats where I stopped. My next mission is to grab drinks (or something) with Zeke.

So, this tar stuff is interesting. I have the feeling that whoever created it did it for the sole purpose of killing/capturing Cole…or for destroying Empire City. Maybe its another Umbrella/Raccoon City fiasco? BAH. Theres too much I dont know yet. Also, this crazy lady with a seductive voice talks to Cole while hes under the tars influence, saying shes always loved him but Trish doesnt love him, and Zeke doesnt care. The most interesting thing she said was Ill show you true love, then the bastard will see what hes lost. Who could she be talking about? Who lost Cole? The only he I know of is John, his boss (cant remember his name) and the dude on the rooftop. HMMMM.

Oh, and speaking of Zeke. I gotta be honest, but its really hard to like this guy. Ive said from the beginning that I think Zeke has alterior motives, and some of the things he says solidifies my theory. Hes told Cole that he tries telling people hes Coles right-hand man (in order to gain popularity himself) and he suggested cracking the Ray Sphere and giving everyone the powers that Cole has. Of course, I may be looking way too much into this and he might just be trying to do what it takes to survive (and hey, if I were in his situation I would definitely try to keep Cole on my good side). Im still leery.

A few random notes:

  • The government is clearly hiding what’s really going on in Empire City. Every time I (being Cole) restore power to parts of previously blacked-out areas, this stupid news reporter lady comes on and tells the public that it’s the GOVERNMENT. Whatever! When I break out of here I’m so killing all of you. But on a, er, happier note, I think it’s awesome that a small crowd gathers around the television when something is playing.

  • You know what else is awesome? Stumbling upon someone’s makeshift living room (or whatever you want to call it). Again, Sucker Punch did an amazing job with the setting. Finding things like this placed on random rooftops really solidifies the feeling of a post-apocalyptic shithole.

  • I don’t have a picture of it, but my rank is now Champion! W00t!!!


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