I’m Ashamed

Remember when I announced waaaay back that I would be a part of the 2013 Girls of Geek calendar? Well, that’s still a thing that’s happening and the photoshoot for the calendar is tomorrow. And it takes place in my woman cave.

“Oooh, Britt! That’s cool! What a perfect place to have your photos taken!”


Now, I know I make terrible “Dirty Woman Cave” jokes all of the time, but, um…this time, I’m serious when I say my woman cave is a dirty, messy, out of control place. (For once, that’s not supposed to be a joke.) And because of the photoshoot, I’ve been trying to rearrange a few things in my cave of the woman variety — y’know, in attempt to make it this thing called ORGANIZED.

I have 22 hours to transform this mess into something clean and photogenic.

God help me.


I blame most of the mess due to rearrangement. Most of my games are all out of whack — like, I have some PS2 games mixed with Wii games mixed with GameCube games. This is because just when I *think* I have all of my games in order I find a forgotten box or a bag full of games bought months ago.

So, if I’m quiet for the next 22 or so hours you’ll know where I’ll be.



  1. Eye spy with my little eye a cloyster lol
    But man that is some messy woman cave :P
    Sing like snowhwite and have all the little critters help you n whatnot :P
    But so many ps1s lol and pokemon card (hell yea pokemanz4lyf”

  2. Could’ve just done the standard “lying on top of my pile of geek merch” shot.

    Or a “Here’s one of me in front of my Dragon Age Shrine” photo.

    Of course, these both still could have happened, for all I know.

    P.S. – I got to go to the Zelda Symphony last weekend here in town. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I damn near cried. XD

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