1. Haha, my power went off one time on white knight chronicles. after i got a rare item in box power went off before I could save. 0.50 chance of get. I raged as well. Never got one again.

  2. When the power is out and you can no longer kill in game one must go out into the streets and murder out your rage. Or you could gallop out to a wooded meadow glen and punch dance out your frustration, I feel your wrath.

    • Hmmmm. I like your options, but the first one may not go over so well. I’ll resort to dancing.

    • HA. Aw, c’mon! Everyone knows female gamers play with their hair in pigtails! BUT! Ahem. I recorded this about 30 seconds after it happened with my cell phone. My webcam was out of order because I had lost power, sillyhead! And, yes, my hair was actually in pigtails. Don’t judge me bro.

    • LOL. But in my defense, has gamer rage ever been a HAPPY thing? You should have known better! ;)

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