I Want a Videogame Tattoo Part 2

I want a videogame tattoo, and last week I went over the pros and cons of having something from the Zelda and Mario franchises needled into my pale epidermis. This week Im focusing on another franchise that has scared me senseless, caused nightmares and somehow sparked an obsession at the same time.

Resident Evil.

Yep, the Resident Evil series and I were introduced to one another at the young and spritely age of eight with Resident Evil 2. Long story short, Resi 2 scared the you-know-what out of me and ultimately ruined my sleeping pattern for months. But even though I was scared of the zombies, I was also intrigued by them. How can a braindead creature be so deadly and instill so much fear? So, after growing a sufficient pair of gamer-balls, I plowed through every Resident Evil title in chronological order. I bought Resident Evil magazines and books. I watched every Resident Evil parody on NewGrounds.com. But when all of that stuff ran out, I had to venture into other types of zombie fiction.

Now 15 years later I attend zombie conferences, read every zombie novel I can get my hands on, watch every zombie film I can lay on my eyes on, listen to a zombie audio drama, host a podcast about said zombie audio drama, plot out zombie apocalypse survival strategiesyou get it. At the end of the day, I thank Resident Evil for igniting the crazy obsession I have with the pusbags.

That begin said I dont know how attractive Id look all tatted up with a decomposing zombie or an Umbrella logo, but hey, lets see what others have done to express their undying love. (HURRR SEE WHAT I DID THARE?)

I *think* this zombie was modeled after one in the Resident Evil films. Definitely not the most attractive thing to have tatted on oneself.
Speaking of unattractive things to get tatted on oneself...how about some Nemesis?
I mean, I wouldn't like waking up to that every morning.
Hmmmm. Let me see your grill....?
Mmmm nice tongue baby. But yeah, no Lickers tatted on me.
Cool. But no thanks.
My answer is still no.
I REALLY dig the injection marks!
Not gonna lie, I thought the splotches were zits at first. Ewwww.
If I wasn't such a wuss about my inner wrist, I might do something like that.
::dog head-tilt::
I don't know if I'd want to be property of Umbrella all my life. I mean, that would ultimately suck if they became a real thing and were like "OHAI we own you now inject this vial and become a zombie knthx."

Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah, so it’s pretty clear that something from the Resi franchise won’t find a permanent home in the organ that is my skin. Maybe I’ll have better luck next week!


  1. The injection marks are awesome,the biohazard symbol is overdone in my opinion. I for one am looking to get a symbol from one of my favorite comic books or from one of my favorite games as well. I feel your pain britt.

  2. Hey Bramaraceraceracer. Seriously the wrist dosent hurt that much. I have a tat that goes from the under side of my wrist up to the crook of my elbow an the part that hurt the most was when he did the top side of my fore arm. I guess the skin is tougher there? Bite the bullet and get the wrist done.

  3. Hmmm… For you I would stick to something like retro gaming since you have a retro museum going on. Looking at a 45 year old Brit with a gnarly zombie ? Hmmm… Nope.

  4. Have you thought about a Gears one? I think they look terrible but I see so many people with them on twitter, just follow cliffyb.

  5. Bhahahahhaha this is A-MAY-ZING. Especially since I just got an umbrella logo tattooed on my right shoulder. I’m debating on getting the S.T.A.R.S logo tattooed on my left shoulder. Awesome site BTW.

  6. I have a large RE tattoo Jill is holding the zombie back with the umbrella behind there heads on my left arm.:-) :-) :-)

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