I Played Skyrim This Weekend…

…And I had promised myself I wouldn’t. But man, I blame ya’ll and your social network cock-teasing! Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or wherever, I feel like I’m always reading “SKYRIM THIS!” “SKYRIM THAT!” “I FOUGHT DRAGONS!” “PWNSALSA!” Well, you guys finally got to me.  I broke down last Friday and set aside Arkham City and Skyward Sword for 20 minutes in Heaven with Skyrim—the massive RPG epic that screams “Right up Britt’s alley”—and now I’m finding it a bit difficult to muster up the Triforce of Courage in order to tap Skyward Sword’s ass again. 

…Where the heck do I come up with these analogies?

Anyway, all I have to say about Skyrim is this: Damn, Sam. 

Now, you might be thinking “Britt! What does Skyrim and Skyward Sword have to do with each other? Both are different games, have always followed a different mechanic, etc, etc.” True, grasshoppa, very true. It’s not fair to compare the two—but can one really help it? I swear within those first twenty minutes of Skyrim I experienced more depth, detail, emotion and “ZOMFG” moments than I have in the first five hours of Skyward Sword.  And as a gamer who barely has time to wipe her ass anymore, let alone play videogames, I crave and clutch at those stimulants more than ever.

What Zelda has going for it is the fact that it is, um, Zelda. It’s a ZELDA game. Z-E-L-D-A. It’s the prologue to the franchise as we know it. That alone is enough to pique my interest, but my God, after playing Skyrim I’m like a…I don’t know what. Okay, I have the perfect example. It’s like I was accustomed to the homely Alistair from Dragon Age 2. But all of a sudden, the cute, non-disfigured Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins swooped me up and said, “OHAI.” But after a 20 minute romp with the hotness I had to return to The Fugly.

How…did this happen? I don’t even know.

I totally lost you, didn’t I? …Dammit. Long story short: It’s been a while since I’ve played such a gorgeous game with so much depth I can’t help but want to absorb it into my bloodstream. 

But I must be fair. In the grand scheme of things I haven’t given Skyward Sword a fair shake. Hell, I’m barely past the first temple. The appropriate, mature gamer-thing to do would be to venture further in Skyward Sword before I claim it doesn’t have the depth of Skyrim. (Le-BAHAHAHAHAHAHAtrololololol)

For now, we can focus on the fact that I managed to talk about Alistair in a completely unrelated post, and how this confirms I have serious issues.


  1. Well heres what i have to say about this

    Japanese obsess over toon characters and there really smart

    so toon obsession = smart


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