Huge Garage Sale Haul is Huge


I am rather proud of it.

::puffs chest out::

A stack of old Nintendo Power Magazines for $5!! (I collect the shit out of these.)
Two Xbox consoles, controllers and all of their cords for $15!
Oh man, this chest was filled with so much shit — consoles, games, controllers, cords, etc. Unfortunately a lot of it was covered in nasty filth, but I think I’ll be able to clean most of it! All of this for $40.
Games, action figures, a book, WoW cards…I can’t remember how much this came to, but it wasn’t more than $10.

::un-puffs chest:: Wheeeeeeew. What a friggen’ haul. Sadly, the reality is the more you find the more you end up, uh, having to pay. (Drrrr….) I spent about $70 total, but when you think about all of the consoles (Atari, Mega Drive 2, GameCube, Genesis) and all of the games (about 35?) it’s a pretty damn good deal! And, no, I don’t walk away with hauls like this every weekend — last Friday all I walked away with was a Star Trek poster and Perfect Dark Zero. :/

Now, WTF am I going to do with those Xboxes….


    • SWEET! It looked good, so I had to pick it up! Also, yeah, Vagrant story! Unfortunately only one disc is in there, but I have another copy lying around here somewhere.

  1. I’ve been trying to find old consoles (Super NES and earlier) all Summer and have come up empty. Totally jeally about the Atari.

  2. And to think, I have a box full of old NP’s that I’m getting ready to recycle… I tried selling them on eBay, but I didn’t make enough for it to be worth trying again.

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