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Hey guys!

I’m thuper excited because reached out and offered me a free banner! Now in my case, I read “banner” as “a level/world map display on a large vinyl canvas to hang above my living room couch” because that’s just how I roll. In fact, I was *JUST* talking with my friends about how I really, REALLY need something nerdy in my living room.

Here’s what we’re working with, people:

So, yeah, the wall has some room to work with.

I was thinking I could either do a rectangular banner and have a side-scroller level from something like Super Mario World plastered on it, OR I could do a square banner and have a game map instead (think Dark World, Light World, etc.).


What are your suggestions? What size should I get? Let me know — I’m having a hard time settling on something!!!


  1. It should definately be a map, think Skyrim…. with all the games you play as locations on the world map. The title should definately be “Blonde Nerd Rim.”
    This is a work in progress, but I’m really feeling this theme….

    • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. Oh. I like those ideas. I think I already have a Thedas map that came with DA:O CE, but still…::rubs beard::

  2. get a BUNCH of those fridge magnets that are of levels… Mario, Metroid, or make your own. hang a thin piece of metal on your wall and have at it. that way, you could change it up every once in a while. your friends could even make their own levels!

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