Happy Fourth of July!


HAVE A SUPER AMAZING DAY FULL OF BOUNCY AMAZEBALLS! Stay safe, don’t blow off any fingers (because, gaming) and enjoy whatever it is you do. <3.

Today I’ll be hanging with friends and family, and plan on engaging in activities such as BBQ’ing, firework-lighting-offing, consuming alcohol-ing and later drunk gaming-ing.



And now, enjoy some of the…erm, lack of knowledge that floods the brains of those among us:



  1. sounds like you had a fun 4th of July! this was my 1st one away from the house in my apartment! In Nashville were not allowed to have fireworks or something (like it’s illegal for us to shoot them from our apartment balcony??? ) lol but the city had an awesome fireworks show that we could see from the balcony so it was okay, & i also got drunk and played cod :D needless to say I wasn’t kicking ass but i was drunkingly (is that a word??) telling everyone happy july 4th over the mic! wether they appreciated it or not!bahahah :) it was memorable to say the least!

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