Garage Sale, er, Goodwill Haul 6/1/2013

Just as I thought, I woke up feeling semi-froggy this morning (FYI, “froggy” is some weird term my dad coined that means, like, ambitious or something along those lines), woke up at the butt-crack of dawn and ventured to several community garage sales. Here’s a pro tip for you: community garage sales are typically awesome because, dude, it’s a bunch of sales in one neighborhood, so you get to kill like 20 birds with one stone. And I say “typically awesome” because today’s community garage sales were pretty awful (read: sucked so hard).

And here’s another pro tip: When you get skunked, go to Goodwill, because 8.3/10 times Goodwill puts out for you.

game haul 3

game haul 2


Like yesterday, nothing too pant-tingling, but admittedly I’m kinda stoked about the boxed Silence Service!

Also, if I purchase another copy of Tomb Raider I or Tomb Raider II please send a raging unicorn with a T-Rex riding it because A) That would be awesome and B) I guess that would stop me from buying another copy of Tomb Raider?


  1. Boxed silence service nice! one of my favorite nes games even though I dont own a nes yet. and I thought the spirts within was a ok movie but mainly because of the actors they got to do the voices

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