Hahaha…I’m seriously making a game log about Dragon Age: Origins?


If you have NO clue as to why I’m cackling over here like a crazy woman, let me catch you up to speed. Dragon Age: Origins is in the top 5 list of my favorite games EVAR. I know Dragon Age: Origins like the back of my hand. I study the history of the Dragon Age universe. I collect everything and anything that has “Dragon Age” slapped on it. I mean, have you SEEN this video?

So yeah, it’s a little funny that I’m making a game log for a game I already know so well, but a lot of good can come out of this. I’ll be able to document things I hadn’t noticed during prior play-throughs (if you’re familiar with BioWare I don’t need to tell you how rich of a backstory each game possesses; it’s like no matter how many times you play the same game you always learn something new or catch something you had missed) and who knows? Maybe I’ll switch it up a little and make different key decisions this time around. You know, kill off some people and stuff. Mua..ha…ha…

Heh…also…I uh haven’t played all of the DLC yet. Like…Witch Hunt…? Undoubtedly the most important DLC pertaining to Dragon Age: Origins? Haven’t played that yet. Yeah, I suck at life.

I suppose I should mention why I’m playing DA:O again, huh? Well my friends, at the time of this post Dragon Age 2 hits shelves in less than three weeks. That is all the reason I need.

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