Dragon Age Log #5

Newsflash: I completed Dragon Age: Origins weeks ago.

Newsflash: I’m just now wrapping the log up.

If I were to try to wrack my brain and recall everything that happened from Orzammar (where I left off) to the Archdemon…well, I couldn’t do it. Too much happened too long ago. I SUCK. But, what I did do after defeating the archdemon was take pictures. Lots of pictures.

Fuck you, tower.

That’s right kids, I took pictures of every epilogue paragraph and typed it out. Now, we can reflect on the decisions I made. Brilliant, right? RIGHT?


“In the months that followed his coronation, Alistair proved to be a popular king…if largely unwilling to involve himself in matters of governing. He traveled often, making appearances in towns throughout Ferelden to the great delight of the commoners. They referred to him as a king with the “common touch,” even if a few knew it was a simple aversion to life at court. Elissa married King Alistair in a lavish ceremony six months after his coronation, becoming the princess-consort of Ferelden. The two toured the nation soon afterwards, and the people were ecstatic to see how the king adored his new bride.

Britt Note: Of course Alistair adored me. I had that boy wrapped around my finger. I could totally see Alistair being a giddy little boy, showing off his wife. Also, it doesn’t surprise me that he would do anything in his power to avoid court. Sometimes I wonder if he really was the best choice for king, because he was, you know, a little dumb. BUT. He makes a hot king, and that totally justifies everything.

Rumors that the Urn of Sacred Ashes had been found, and that it was used to heal Arm Eamon of his poisoning, circulated in Ferelden in the months following the Darkspawn defeat…slowly, at first, and then with growing frequency as the grand cleric failed to deny them. Once the Chantry made several attempts to verify the rumors, however, there came an official decree that no resting places for the Ashes had been found. If the Urn of Sacred Ashes was in those ruins once, it was no longer.

Britt Note: Now this…this is interesting. Where the heck would they have gone to? Perhaps the rumors of the location got a little out of hand, and the ashes needed to be relocated so that no one would find them and use them for malicious use?  If I recall, wasn’t Leliana going to the ruins (with others) to protect the ashes?   MAYBE THE MAKER RETURNED AND STOLE THEM. You bastard. Anyway,  wonder if this is just a fun tidbit of information, or if it will come into play during DA2.

Following months of grim effort, the templars cleared the last remaining spirits from the Circle Tower, making it safe to rebuild a home for Ferelden’s Circle of Magi. Rumors of what happened increased the common folk’s distrust of mages, and more than one young apprentice claimed to encounter mages thought long dead still wandering in the Fade. Once the tower was rebuilt, Knight-Commander Greagoir stepped down from his post and retired to a life of private contemplation as a brother in the Chantry. His health failed over time, and after refusing treatment, he perished in his sleep. Knight-Commander Cullen was said to be more strict and less trusting of the mages even than Greagoir was. He ruled the Circle with fear.

Britt Note: Greagoir, you were a bastard. You denied that Dwarven girl admittance to the tower, and for that you will forever suck.  But…yes. The tower. Good. Old. Tower. So many things went wrong there. I’ve ranted enough about that, however. Moving on.

With the slavers shut down in the Alienage, the lot of the city-born elves improved for a time. The new king even named the local elder to his personal court—a scandal amongst the humans, but a sign of new hope to the elves. Shianna continued to be an outspoken member of the Alienage community, and in time became the new elder. That outspokenness earned her frequent trouble, but served her people well.

Britt Note: Oh, Alistair. You would appoint the elder to your court—and for that, I <3 you. . I was a bad girl and didn’t read the codex entries re: the Alienage, but it would have been neat to spend more time in that run-down place, as it represents and speaks loads about Ferelden culture.

Arl Eamon remained in Denerim for some time, acting as the chancellor and chief advisor to King Alistair. Teagan ruled over Redcliffe in his stead, and was surprised to find himself well-loved by the villagers, who were still grateful for the nights he spent defending their lives. In time, Eamon abdicated in favor of his brother…an event the locals greeted with approval and enthusiasm.

Britt Note:  I always liked Teagan,  and plus he flirted with my Grey Warden, so there you go. C’mon Bioware, why wasn’t an option presented to boink and stay with Teagan after all of this was over? It could have made for awesome DLC. Anyway, I personally find the Guerrin brothers (Eamon and Teagan) interesting folk, as I’ve read the novels and in those we discover some of their history. Liiike…did you know that Eamon and Teagan are the brothers of the deceased Rowan, who was betrothed to Maric? Did you know that Rowan and Loghain had a thing? Mhmmm.

The Dalish elves prospered after the siege at Denerim, having earned much respect for their part in the battle. For once, human lands welcomed the wandering folk. The new keeper, Lanaya, was respected both amongst the Dalish as well in the Ferelden court. She was a voice of reason, and other Dalish clans would turn to her to help resolve disputes with human folk. In time, many of the Dalish clans moved to the new land provided for them in the south near Ostagar. Wary of their human neighbors, however, tensions soon rose again…and only Keeper Lanaya’s leadership kept peace alive.

Britt Note: Not surprising that tensions would rise again. After all, in dire times people bind together, but as soon as things start going swell again (yes, I said swell) all of that goes out that window and we proceed to rip out each others throats. It doesn’t mention it here, but Lanaya replaced Zathrian after he and Witherfang committed Hari Kari together. Zathrian was a grudge-holding unforgivable bastard until the very end, when he finally realized that he may have been wrong. Douche. For the record, I liked Lanaya more anyway.

In Orzammar, King Harrowmont found himself in a protracted battle against Bhelen’s rebellion that left him unable to gain the stability he needed. The clan lords objected to many of his measures in the Assembly, and only his efforts to increase the dwarve’s isolation from the surface met with any success. In time, Harrowmont’s health began to fail. Some claimed it was poison, while others said it was a flagging spirit. Either way, after a protracted illness, the king finally passed away. The wrangling in the Assembly for a successor began almost immediately. Brother Burkel’s new chantry in Orzammar drew a surprising number of converts among the dwarves. They quickly attracted a great deal of anger from more conservative quarters, and before long the Assembly severely restricted the Andrastrians’ rights. Brother Burkel resisted, and was slain while being arrested during a peaceful demonstration in the Commons. The Assembly claimed this was an accident, but news of the resulting riots reached the Chantry on the surface, where the Divine even contemplated a new Exalted March. The Dwarven mage, Dagna, ultimately completed her studies at the rebuilt Circle Tower. Eventually, she published a comprehensive theory of how lyrium vapors relate to the supply of magic. It gained a great deal of attention.

Britt Note: The reason I picked Harrowmont to be king is because, apparently, during the Dwarf Origin, Bhelen frames your character for the murder of your brother (or something like that) and that is bad news bears. I didn’t like that Harrowmont wanted to keep the “way of the Dwarf” the same. But at least he didn’t kill his freakin’ brother or some shit. So, all of that work for nothing. He ended up croaking for some stupid reason. Way to go, Harrowmont. Now, Burkel was slain. Poor dude, but not surprising.  All he wanted was to preach a religion not only in a culture that didn’t believe in religion, but in a culture that is seriously fucked up and has more drama than an episode of Jersey Shore. And despite Greagoir’s douchery, Dagna did her thang at the circle tower. That makes me happy. TEAM DAGNA!

Although the Anvil of the Void was destroyed, rumors about its location crept into Orzammar. Years later, thanks to the defeat of the darskpawn on the surface, a few determined smiths managed to locate the Anvil’s remains. They examined the ruins of the Anvil, and, upon returning to Orzammar with their findings, convinced the Shaperate to attempt to recreate Caridin’s research. A new golem was created, bound with a spirit taken from the fade. The golem immediately went insane, killing several shapers before it was destroyed. The research was branded excessively dangerous and sealed away. Whispers of its existence circulated throughout Orzammar, however, and demand among the smith caste to repopen Caridin’s research refused to abate.

Britt Note: HAHAHAHAHA. This makes me laugh. Stupid Orzammar dwarves. But seriously, couldn’t you just picture that happening? It makes me lol. It’ll be interesting to see if the Anvil plays a role in Dragon Age 2. It’s a pretty significant thing after all, but I don’t know jack shit about the story of DA2, so I’m blindly guessing.  Of course, it was my decision to destroy the Anvil, and I stand by that, dammit. What if the Anvil falls into the wrong hands?  I don’t want to face an army of evil golems with my “squishy” characters, as Shale would say.

As good as her word, Morrigan disappeared once the archdemon was slain. Someone of Morrigan’s description was seen traveling alone months later, heading west through the Frostback Mountains…and she may even have been with a child.

Britt Note: I’ve already completed Witch Hunt, so I kinda know what’s going on. I’m more interested into how this will play out in DA2. Will I see the child?  Is he good? Evil? Will he be a firecrotch like his father? I’ll find out. Oh, and could you imagine Morrigan giving brith? What a sight that would be. There would probably be a mile radius around her of nothing but destruction.

As for Elissa’s companions, they went their separate ways. Alistair remained in Denerim with his love for a time, much to Queen Anora’s discomfort. He was eventually called to the far-off fortress of Weisshaupt, the home of the Grey Wardens, and swore he would return to his lover’s side soon. As the blighted lands began to heal and the Grey Wardens slowly rebuilt the order in Amaranthine, they discovered that the fight against the Darkspawn was not yet complete. Although the horde was routed and had dissolved upon the archdemon’s death, many of the more powerful darskpawn survived to organize roving war bands that preyed both upon the land and upon each other. These war bands spread havoc, and some even journeyed west into Orlais or crossed the Shining Sea by the Deep Roads. They proved incredibly difficult to wipe out.

Britt Note: More Darkspawn?! WHO SAW THAT COMING?! So, you’re telling me that these asshats are crossing bodies of water now? Greeeaaaat. Also, I know a few characters make cameos in Dragon Age 2 (thanks to people spoiling it for me =_=) and that makes me happy in the pants. Hopefully some of them will be playable again, but I doubt it. Sigh.

But these tales are yet to be told. This tale ended when Elissa sank her blade in the archdemon’s head and destroyed it forever. It was not the last that Ferelden would hear of her, however….”

Britt Note: DRAGON AGE 2!!!!!!!1111

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