Damn, Dragon Age. You sure know how to hold a grudge.

Especially you, Circle of Magi.

Alright. I am sick and tired of that glitch in the Circle of Magi haunting my ass. I’ve talked about this several times, but if you’re a new reader and you have no effin’ idea what I’m talking about…

For Dragon Age junkies: During the Broken Circle quest, DA:O glitched on me and I was able to skip the fight with the sloth demon as well as the Fade mini-quest.

In English: While I was at this tower for mages called The Circle of Magi, the game glitched, and I skipped a boss fight and mini quest that I otherwise would have had to do. The mini quest would have taken place in this dream-realm called the Fade.

Seeing as I hate playing through Fade, this glitch originally made me happy in the pants. But let’s go over the immediate and long-term consequences of that glitch:

  • I missed out on permanent stat boosts I would have received in the Fade.
  • First Enchanter Irving died because I didn’t fight the sloth demon.
  • Because First Enchanter Irving was killed, the Circle was annulled.
  • I had to kill Isolde in Redcliffe Castle because there was no Circle to conduct the spell I needed to save her.
  • Alistair yelled at me because Isolde was killed.
  • Dagna from Orzammar was refused admission to the Circle because Knight-Commander Whats-His-Butt was a douche.

Now if I may continue my bitching…

Upon the completion of Origins, I had hoped that I’d seen the last remnants of the SNAFU. Surely, the DLC wouldn’t be so cruel as to again remind me that a simple glitch had altered my game in a minor, yet consequential manner.

So I began the DLC Witch Hunt. Now, out of ALL of the landmarks and locations in Ferelden, where do you think Witch Hunt had me visit?

…Take a guess. You might get lucky.

The Circle of Magi. The first place I needed to visit was the fucking Circle of Magi.


As soon as I entered the tower, I was greeted by Knight-Commander Hadley who didn’t let me so much breathe before he reminded me that the “Templars haven’t forgotten” what had happened the last time I visited the circle.


Thanks, brah. Believe it or not, I haven’t forgotten either. After all, killing an entire tower of mages isn’t something that one forgets so easily. As I walked about the circle, I heard conversations amongst the mages. You know, the typical stuff. Like, how my Grey Warden Elissa supposedly slept with three pirates and a Nug.

I don't even...

I see my reputation has held well within the good ol’ Circle. Not only that, but I’m sure I’ll catch some flak in Dragon Age 2. But I have to admit I think it’s super-duper cool that these…”decisions”…forever have a ripple effect in Ferelden’s history.

Too bad it was a glitch that screwed me over!


  1. Britt…noone rages like you do…I feel horrible how hard I’m laughing at what is obviously a frustrating experience. I’m definitely picking up DA:O though thanks to your rants and raves :)

  2. Wow, I admit I hate the fade, hate it so much. But your right messing all those stat bonuses and the subsequent aftermath is just vicious. The 2 or so time I did it, luckily for me it didn’t glitch.

    -hugs hugs- I haven’t had any glitches like that in DA 2, just the game froze on me twice randomly.

  3. You can slay thousands of Darkspawn and take down the Archdemon with one hand tied behind your back, and people remember you as a hero. BUT YOU SCREW ONE NUG…

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