Britt5091 Origins: Flamewar TONIGHT: Beezball VS FozzyTheGamer

Welcome to Britt5091: Origins, where I dig up old blog posts I used to write for IGN’s community under the username Britt5091. Some posts may make you giggle, some may make your eyes bleed, and some may make you stroke your beard in a pensive manner. All you need to know is that these posts, no matter how terrible some of them may be, ultimately lead to everything I do now.

Flamewar TONIGHT: Beezball VS FozzyTheGamer

July 23, 2009

Check back tonight 8 pm EST/ 5 pm PST and bring your best flames with you.


Britt’s note: 

Ah, the Flamewars. I was still a noob to the blogging scene and community, yet here I was hosting one.

I won’t lie and claim it wasn’t considered a “big deal” at the time, because it kinda was. Back then participating and “fitting in” within the blogging community was super important to me, so when Beez and Foz asked me to host their Flamewar I was excited buuuuut mostly nervous. (HOW CUTE.) 

Flamewars were initiated by someone (me) hosting the event on their blog. Foz and Beez recruited minions (other bloggers). After recruiting was complete, Foz and Beez would sit back and allow their minions to do the fighting for them—which, in blogging terms, means their minions would post comments on my blog about why either Foz or Beez was a better general than the other, or why the other sucked, yadda yadda yadda. A winner was determined by how many comments were made in their favor. Or something. Maybe it was the best comment that determined the winner? I can’t remember.   

Unfortunately things didn’t go quite as smoothly as we had hoped they would. But you’ll find out about that snafu in the next Britt5091: Origins!

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