Britt and A Dragon Age Box


Remember that weird phase I went through when I would buy anything ¬†related to Dragon Age? And I mean ANYTHING. (Seriously, I have a Dragon Age letter opener.) Looking back on those days all I can say is I’m SO glad I outgrew that phase — what a strange place I was in life!


DA2 box

I bought this about a week or so ago on Ebay because DAMMIT I’M NOT OVER DRAGON AGE AND IF ANYTHING MY OBSESSION HAS GROWN TEN-FOLD.

DA shrine

NO WORDS FROM YOU. I don’t want to hear anything smart-assy come out of your fingers and transpire onto my blog! (Okay, go ahead, let me have it.)


    • I still need to finish 1, and install 2. I bought the whole collection off a Steam sale, but haven’t gotten around to finishing it.

  1. Umm can we be BFFs now? I totally know how you feel. I recently made a video of my DA collection (my YT user is nikkipryde if you’re interested in seeing it). :D I HAVE TOO MUCH BUT I STILL WANT MORE! ;3; I’m glad I’m not the only one who would buy a random Dragon Age box. :D

  2. I don’t play Dragon Age, but watching your *ahem* “reaction”, leaves me very curious about it.

  3. *snicker* You said *giggle* “Let me have it”…Oh, I’ll give it.. ::tries to keep a straight you alright. Ahahahaha!

    ::Puts head on desk and pounds fist::
    Yes, I’m immature and full of myself.

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