Booker, CATCH!

booker catch


I often rave and praise and lesbo-out over Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite because SHE FREAKIN’ DESERVES THAT SHIT, and also becauuse Elizabeth was the first AI in many moons I’ve come across that lead me to believe she was an IRL person, capable of making her own decisions and that wasn’t, well, controlled by some weird robot somewhere it outside space. (That’s how and where AI is controlled, right?)

I mean, there were several occasions mid-battle I found myself out of ammo, close to death or low on Salts. But just on cue Elizabeth would always toss me something I gravely needed, thus saving my ass. And let’s not forget all of that money the bitch managed to scrounge up. Sometimes I wondered if she was, like, partaking in some illegal activity on the side (literally behind Booker’s back) that earned her all of that money. But I won’t ask any questions.

SO HERE’S TO YOU, ELIZABETH, and to your amazing robot-brain. Have my babies.



  1. I think this decade’s AI is going to change gaming. People are already talking about Ellie, remember that Sony vid from a few months ago? Kara? It’s the future, I can’t wait. No more ghosts or NPC chasing us around with nothing more than proximity detectors for programming.

    • I hope you’re right, dude! After “experiencing” Elizabeth I have some super-duper-uber high standards.

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