Bethesda’s Ultimate Challenge

As a diehard gamer and industry enthusiast, I’ve sometimes asked myself: What’s the most profound thing we (as gamers) can do to express our undying love for the gaming industry? In the past, I figured that tattooing oneself with something like NES Zapper guns was the greatest tribute to the industry one could make.

But now the bar has been raised.

In my eyes, getting a tat of Nathan Drake on your ass is no longer a direct representation of your devotion to the gaming industry. Noooo sir. If you really want to prove you’re hardcore, Bethesda has a challenge for you. And, should you be so brave, Bethesda also has a substantial reward. Bethesda will grant you access to every past, present and future Bethesda game ever published for the rest of your life.

All you have to do is conceive a child.

…What? Stop looking at me that way and just find someone to make babies with, because this child NEEDS to be born on 11/11/2011. Why 11/11/2011? Because that’s when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim releases. And babies take nine months to hatch. We’re currently in February. You do the math.

Finally, make sure both parties involved are fine-n-dandy with naming the child Dovahkiin (name of the protagonist in Skyrim) and you have officially proven yourself as the hardest of hardcore. Congratulations!

Bahahaha. I love Bethesda for doing this. You have to imagine that somewhere, on 11/11/2011, someone will name their child Dovahkiin. And that child will probably endure years of teasing, which really isn’t a laughing matter, but at least the parents will be set with a kick-ass arsenal of games.

For more info, check out the Bethesda Blog!


  1. Yeah. But, I don’t think the kid would be teased as much as someone named Obed. lol. That poor kid was probably made fun of during school as well. The nice part is that if you know your name can be made fun off. The people making fun of you seem dumb because it’s way too obvious. Like someone naming their kid Topramenisha or USnavy.

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