Mass Effect Pickup Lines

Admittedly today has been pretty rough (CURSE YOU MONDAYS!!!) but all it took were these Mass Effect pickup lines courtesy of Dorkly to get me back to the spritely and cheerful Britt we’ve all come to know and, um, “love”. I cannot speak on your behalf regarding your the love for yours truly, so I put love in quotes as to portray my uncertainty. We coo, brah?

Oh man, I’ve lost it.

Anyway, I hope these brighten up your day as much as they have mine!


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  • Jimmer

    Lol. Awesome.

    • britt5091

      Aren’t they?! They should work on any sane person.

      • Jimmer

        Haha. Not in my area. People around me are stuck up and don’t like vidjagames so they’d be all like “Heh? Dafuq?”

  • =O..

  • James

    SHEPARD! Nice boots! Then the last time they went a knockin?

  • Scuba Diving! It’s a little scary at first, but super fun and amazing. And congrats on your new job working out so well.