Ladies: We Need to Step it UP

I mean, seriously. When was the last time you left a little sweet note like this for your man?

Of course the kids on Reddit are speculating that this note is actually written by a dude PRETENDING it’s from his girlfriend so he looks like a cluster of rad-berries, but hey–either way it’s awesome.

I…I want supercharged gummi worms.

Maybe I’ll write my own note to myself.

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  • Xackery

    I think that’s romantically awesome!

    • Isn’t it?! I swear, it’s those type of things that make me swoon. ;D

  • Rach

    I surprised my husband with ME3 Collector Edition after we decided it would be his birthday present later in the year. Wife level up!

    • Best. Wife. Ever!!!! <33333

  • Maaaaaaaan. Awesome. *sigh*

  • Boots_33

    One day, I will find the right seƱorita and we will share similar gestures of nerded-out affection. Until that day, however , she’s missing out.