Videogame Haul #11!!!

Holy balls I have WAY too many games to show ya’ll! So much, in fact, that I had to cut the original video in half and make it a two-parter! Aaaand I’m still not done. Oh dear.

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  • beezball

    “I sort of kind of did this thing called… Run out of room.”

    lolol23olo2dlc of2l34olo3clo#OL@O@C %$7*

  • beezball

    I think collecting game sharks is pushing it btw, lol.

    • Britt

      I…I know. I KNOW, DAMMIT!!!


      • InertiaBrien

        Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t just an empty box and a VHS cassette.

        I think you paid somebody $5 to haul away their garbage 😛

        • Britt

          Naaah. I think Perfect Dark alone was worth it! 😉

  • Boots_33
    • Britt

      OMFG. WHY, TONY, WHY?!

      • Boots_33

        I only tease the ones I love. You know this. 🙂

  • austpatrick

    dude why is hording the funniest activity ever

    • Britt

      I don’t know. But it is kinda pathetic, isn’t it?

  • Keep it up and you’re going to need a storage unit…which could lead to the best episode of Storage Wars ever!

    • Britt

      HAHAHAHA! Oh God. But wouldn’t that mean that I’d be selling my storage unit?! NUUUUUUUUU!!!!

      • Glenn Burgess

        Only when you run out of money to pay for it because you spent it all on your next video game haul.  You’ve divided by zero and your hobby destroyed your hobby.

        Wait, is that Xzibit over there???

  • So many games
    so many smart ass comments
    will wait for video 2

    • Britt


  • Britt


  • Britt


  • Erinolympia360

    @ 4:36 did you really smell the box? 😀