I Want a Videogame Tattoo Part 4

So yeah, I’m still looking to get inked with a videogame tattoo.

That being said, there is absolutely no way I’d ever get something from Donkey Kong imprinted into my skin (no matter how much that monkey means to me) but alas, I feel like I should at least include the series.

RAMBI!!!! <333

Is he...swimming? Cute.

This is cute! But is that BLOOD in his teeth? ;D or freckles. Whatever.

Fact : DK"s boob was the first digital boobie I ever saw.

While I appreciate the dedication of die-heard DK fans, I don’t think I could ever justify getting a bunch of bananas or a swordfish (Enguarde!!!!)  tatt’d on me. Don’t get me wrong; I played DK:C and the successors all throughout childhood, buuuut…y’know.


(When am I going to get to Dragon Age: Origins?!)

<3 Britt


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