Zombie Apocalypse: IT BEGINS

Okay, so this is obviously terrible for the man whose face was ripped to shreds. No bueno and I hope he recovers. What a terrible thing to experience…

…but now I can’t help but wonder if they have this dude under 24/7 surveillance and strapped to a bed. Because, like, he was just bitten by a ZOMBIE. And we all know how this whole zombie infection thing goes.

But never fear. ::pumps shotgun:: Britt is here and I am a zombie guru.



    • HA! Exactly! That’s what I’ve been saying but NOOOOO no one cares. NO ONE CARES AT ALL! /sob

  1. 1.) This is crazy…I feel so bad for the victim.
    2.) Can I join you at Costco?
    3.) Where is DEXTER when you need him? He lives in freakin Miami! 

  2. Well that’s several kinds of horrible. Don’t do drugs kids! Or hangout with mentally ill homeless ppl who think they’re a zombie or w/e.

  3. Just moved into a new apartment.  4th floor.  There’s a bridge by my place with two griffons on either side of it.  Should make a good scout/sniper perch, and quite a defensible position should it all go pear shaped.  Make sure we all get ham radios to communicate the status of our colonies with.

    I’ll see you on the other side. *tips hat, drops bolt on rifle and climbs atop perch*

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