Zelda Bathroom Update!

zelda bathroom 3

So, like, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but moving sucks donkey testes. Seriously, I’ve been at it for a week now and am juuuust beginning to see that dim, glowing light at the end of the tunnel. But nonetheless moving into a new place provides one with the opportunity of decking out one’s bathroom in a video game theme, which almost makes moving tolerable. Almost.

Zelda bathroom 4

The latest addition to my Zelda themed bathroom is this lovely NES Link. He’s just an ol’ decal that I thought would look cute on the home of future urine. But wait, what’s this? If you OPEN the toilet lid…::cue treasure chest opening jingle::

Zelda bathroom1

Zelda bathroom 2


I’m pretty sure this decal was made for erm, humans of the male variety (DONGS) but whatever. I’m sure you can think of a few other things the decal could be referencing to…

zelda bathroom 5

As a female, I need things like q-tips and cotton balls to assist with my putting on and removal of face paint, therefore I ordered this AWESOME boss chest replica off of Etsy to hold my cotton-y goodness. (Not tampons.)

Zelda bathroom 6

Finally, what would a bathroom be without soap you cannot use?! These Rupee soaps (I have four more that aren’t pictured) will sit on my bathroom counter once I clear it off. (AKA I need a bathroom shelf something fierce because my girly hair products are consuming the counter space.)

I still have several things on their way, like Triforce towels, a light switch, potion replicas, and other awesome goodness.  I’ll keep you posted with pictures! <3

And now I must return to the hell that is called “mounting a television”. WISH ME GODSPEED-NESS.




  1. ok, the toilet lid outer sticker – I can hear the music (dun dun dun DUNNN!) and I think the words “I have to POOOOP”

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