Zelda And Impa In Hyrule Warriors Make Me Tingle

Oh, and that’s QUEEN Zelda, bee tee dubs. 

Mr. Hayashi: In Hyrule Warriors Princess Zelda is actually Queen Zelda. She has an army, as a Queen would, and Link is a trainee, but as the story unfolds the relationship between the two greatly changes.

We’re seeing Zelda take a stronger heroine role as Queen and as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors. Will that lead to her having a more prominent role in future Zelda and related games?

Mr. Aonuma: With regard to Princess Zelda and her position in each story, we always position her where it’s best suited for that story or theme. We always try to achieve her best position within the story with each game or iteration. Just because she’s one way in one game, it doesn’t mean she’ll be the same way in the next game. We definitely change how Zelda is used and position her where it’s best for the experience. That’s as Queen and one of the playable characters in Hyrule Warriors.


And check out Miss Impa:

Man, despite my butthurtedness over the seemingly non-existent option for split-screen or online mulitplayer this game is lookin’ goooood.

I wants. I want nothing more than to romp around as Zelda and, like, be here. Command Hyrule and shit. Are you stoked for it as well?


    • Seriously…they should just ditch the whole idea of Link and make a purely-Zelda-centric game. I’m getting tired of seeing her as the damsel in distress all the damn time, and this game has restored my faith in Nintendo.

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