You Did THIS in Super Mario 64…

We All Did This

…I’m willing to put money on it. And if any of you cold-hearted (see whut I did thar?) bastards deny doing such a heinous act, I’ll think of you as a liar for the rest of your life.

MUAHAHAHAHA!!! ::falls over laughing maniacally::

That is all. Enjoy your night. <3.


  1. If I’d ever bothered getting that far in SM64, perhaps I would have done that. I’m sure the penguin gave Mario the stink eye, and let’s be honest here, that dude’s been through enough just to save that one drama queen princess.

      • I didn’t get very much into the N64, especially since the GameCube seemed to appear so soon after N64’s release. Then again, my memory of time may be wrong. But no, I didn’t play SM65 much at all. I spent most of my time on N64 with Zelda.

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