YEEESSSS: Mother 4 Gameplay Trailer

Every now and then I escape the harsh reality of…reality…by fantasizing about a new Mother/EarthBound game. And then I’m smacked with the reality (I’m going for the “most usage of the word ‘reality’ world record) that a thing called Mother 4 is in development by the fine humans of

The project has been in development for over five years and looks to be coming along nicely. In fact, I think it could easily pass as a legitimate sequel. The gameplay trailer covers some of the things you can do during the game, like taking more than one turn during combat, checking out of hotels at night, talking to stray dogs, hermit cans, etc. (LONG LIVE HERMIT CANS.) I never got the hang of that whole rhythm fighting thing in Mother 3, and it looks to be back in Mother 4. I blame my keyboard input lag. Or something.

Mother 4 is aiming to release sometime this summer (June-ish) which is perfect, as it gives me a great excuse to stay indoors while this weird, shining bright orb fills the sky. Have you guys seen it too? Weird, right?


  1. awesome stuff didn’t know this was being made but I know how hardcore Earthbound fans are so will obviously do it Justice.

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