Xbox One Sign Out Trolling

That’s…THAT IS AMAZING. ::throws self on ground and worships whoever thought of this idea::

Y’know, I never play FPSs online or, shit, I hardly ever partake in any online gaming. It’s nothing personal against my fellow brethren, but I enjoy just zoning out and having some good ‘ol quality Britt-time without dealing with those gamers who feel the need to rage into their mics, be bungholes, etc. That being said, I’ve always heard about the abundance of kids who are all up in the grill of online shooters, but I’ve never actually heard their little voices for myself. It’s, uh, pretty freakin’ weird to hear pre-pubescents raging.  So that was kind of interesting.

This video just surfaced a few days ago, and while it has over 2 million views I bet you could still troll people for a while before everyone catches on.




    • Oh please. All hail Playstation NOW since all of a sudden they got their shit together right? Playstation could have easily had a competitive edge even back when PS3 first came out. But the party system wasn’t there, the chat system wasn’t either and how many years did they have to implement that kind of feature in with a massive system update? They had the chance. Xbox has always done what they could to listen to the community unlike Playstation and over the years how many different dashboards have we seen so that things are new and exciting. Funny, I turn my PS3 on and it’s the same boring shit every time it loads up.

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