Xbox 720 Reveal Set For May 21st?

Xbox 720
I love finding weird-ass concept art.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR MAY 21ST! Let’s see…I’d like a paid-off PS4, Ni No Kuni, a few packs of original Pokemon cards, a stripper…

Ahem. You see, May 21st is my birthday but Microsoft has apparently decided to steal my thunder if rumors are true. (And when are they not?) But seriously, this time around it sounds like we’re honed in on some actual fact-age.

According to several sources, Microsoft is slated to announce the next Xbox on May 21st and it’s expected we’ll hear about the first, basic details surrounding the console (codenamed Durango).  Of course, E3 follows a few weeks after, not to mention Microsoft’s developer-focused BUILD conference runs from June 26th through the 28th in San Fransisco, so it’s unclear how much information we’ll really receive.

And that, kiddos, is about it. No use in trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip or something. But if you’re interested in other rumors, below are the latest and greatest:

  • The console will have an early November launch
  • A $500 model will be offered, as well as  a $300 model with some sort of subscription attached
  • An Xbox 360 model, codenamed “stingray”, will be offered later this year for $99. This leads to *gasp* rumors that Durango won’t be compatible with Xbox 360 games

I don’t know how I’m going to break it to my parents that I’m not going to be able to celebrate my birthday. Oh well. ;)

Microsoft planning Xbox event for May via The Verge


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