Woman Cave Update

First and foremost: I framed this poster.

Poster framing phase: COMPLETE!

Now onto other Woman Cave matters…

I’ve been struggling to figure out a way to display all of my games in my woman cave. See, the problem is that the room itself isn’t very big and the layout is kind of funky (one of the walls is unusable because of a huge closet, but I’m not complaining…much) so I was contemplating whether or not I should buy a few bookshelves and put my games in there, or if I should buy a huge cabinet instead.

…But then I found this.


My friend bought one herself not too long ago and she told me as long as you anchor it into the wall, it will hold what it’s supposed to…which is up to 600 DVDs. Last time I did inventory (a few years back) I had about 250 games. SOOO…my hope is that I can fit everything into this bad boy…and then some!

The next thing I neeeed to find is a desk. I love the corner desk I have right now, but it’s small and um I’d rather not stare into a corner while working.

My current set-up

If I can find a desk this weekend, that would make my life. Honestly, as soon as I find a desk I can start putting everything together and set things up. Let’s hope for some killer Sunday sales this weekend…specifically at Office Max and Office Depot. >)


  1. 250 games half of which are Dragon Age : P game posters look so much cooler in frames. The Woman Cave sounds like it is coming along nicely. its going to be pretty cool when completed. I shall do my the indian furniture sale rain dance. (seattle the one place where rain dances work!)

  2. I noticed you said that you have about 250 games (and I realize this was posted a looooong time ago, and I assume you have a lot more now), but after setting up the bookcase and putting your games in it, now that you’ve seen it, how many games do you think it will actually hold? I have games for over ten different systems, and I’m looking for something like this, but would like to know before buying it. The picture LOOKS impressive and sturdy, but is it actually impressive and sturdy?

    • Hey! :D

      Man oh man, I forgot about this post! Talk about a blast from the past! It depends how you use the shelf. I now have three of those (my collection has grown more than 5x since) — for example, I use one for NES, SNES, N64 games, along with complete boxes, etc. So yeah. That makes a huge difference since those boxes take up more room than a DVD/CD would.

      They’re sturdy as LONG as you utilize the little hook thingies in the back and drill ’em into the wall with a screw. That is a must. Otherwise it could topple over.

      • I plan on using it to hold my anime, manga, and video games, so I wanted to make sure they’d all fit. Especially box sets, boxed games, and cartridges. I’m renting, so I’ll see if screwing it to the wall is allowed. Thanks for the tip! :)

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