1. hahahah good stuff.

    So sad that parts of your… woman cave.. have not been touched the way they deserve to be touched. *smirk*

    Seriously though, I can’t believe you haven’t played Uncharted 3 yet. Somewhere, Nathan Drake is shedding a small tear that you don’t love him anymore.

    Also, having too much stuff isn’t a problem. It’s a sign you’re DOING IT RIGHT! :)

    • Hahahaha. I’m sorry too, my friend. For the woman cave is a sacred area that…okay, sooo stopping now. Ahem. Yes, Nathan Drake may be sad, but I only see Link once every five years or so, so he deserves to have my attention right now.

  2. You said “bald woman cave.”

    My lord, that collection is awesome and completely insane all at once. I can only wish you luck finding storage space.

  3. How would you spell the way you said delirious? Dlrous? Dolarius? Cracked me up that you said it differently each time, too. I absolutely love tired, exhausted Britt. So much fun. :)

    Also makes me happy to know that I’m not the only one that believes the safest place for things is in piles on the floor. You know, there are shelves staring at me as an ad from EasyClosets as I watch your video, too.

    • Bahahahaha. Why, thank you! :D

      RIGHT? I’m telling you, the floor is perfect. That way the object cannot fall from anything…like from a SHELF.

  4. You have Nathan Drake, Batman AND Link in your woman cave and you still think it’s not big enough?

    Okay, enough juvenility for the day. Your collection dwarfs mine and I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

    But, atleast you didn’t buy a bigger dresser just to store more statues on top.

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