Woman Cave Photo Tour #3

Not pictured: the TV on top of this shelf.

Welcome, welcome. You know how these work, so I’m going to jump right into it!

  1. When I signed up to participate in a Mafia II feature at PAX East for IGN, I bought Mafia. This is a Mafia disc, and I haven’t touched it since March of 2010. I suppose I should find a CD case for it…
  2. Back when I could afford every Collector’s Edition ever made, I bought the God of War 3 Ultimate Edition. I have yet to open it. In fact, I haven’t played more than a few hours of God of War, and I haven’t touched God of War II. Underneath that is a lanyard I got at PAX…Prime 2009? I think?
  3. Again, back when I could afford every Collector’s Edition ever made…
  4. AGAIN…nah, I kid. This was way back in the Gamecube days. This is the GameStop Special Edition RE4 shindig. Behind that is the RE5 collector’s edition, and next to that is a picture you received with RE5 when you preordered from Blockbuster.
  5. I normally don’t keep all of my convention badges out, but this is my very first PAX pass. It’s red, which signifies I wasn’t media, but a regular attendee. It might sound silly, but I keep it out as a reminder of how far I’ve come in a year and a half.
  6. This is my little Halo corner. The badge is from an ODST launch event I went to in Seattle, as well as the packaged helmet to the right of it. Above the helmet are two fliers, both of which also came from the event. To the far right is the Halo 3 Collector’s Edition I bought at a garage sale for five bucks. SCORE!
  7. I honestly had nowhere else to put Donkey Konga, so there it went. I bought this at a garage sale for a few backs last year. I haven’t played it yet…
  8. I talked about this in one of my videos, but here is the infamous pen and paper Dragon Age RPG I picked up at borders. I need to find someone to play this with me. Any takers?!


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