Wind Waker Log #3

February 4, 2011: Yesterday I was sick, low on patience and (here’s the worst part) not in the mood for Wind Waker. I was more or less in the mood for a couch, blanket and terrible television (GOD I love Maury) and that’s pretty much what my day consisted of. But when you have an entire day at home, sick or not, there’s no way you can allow yourself to neglect gaming. It’s like, against the rules of gamerism.

I needed to find Makar and Medli. I couldn’t find Makar (I *think* he’s behind the right waterfall in Forest Haven and you have to use your grappling hook to swing into a hidden cave. I tried it once or twice, couldn’t get in, and gave up XD). So instead I warped to Dragon Roost Cavern, got Medli in my boat (CHYEAAA) and went ventured into the Earth Temple.

OH! Real quick: why the hell was a Zora the sage for the Earth temple? I was expecting a Goron. Just sayin’.

Okay, so I’m in the Earth temple, carrying Medli and I’m getting nightmare-ish flashbacks of Link carrying princess Ruto in the belly of Jabu-Jabu. 

Except there is one major difference: YOU HAVE TO CONTROL MEDLI. Like, be her. Move her around. Make her press switches and shit, which is fine, I appreciate the slight changeup in gameplay. BUT. This is what makes this extremely frustrating: You have to conduct the Command Melody every time you want to take control of Medli. There isn’t a simple button designated to switch you from Link to Medli— only when you’re playing as Medli and want to switch back to Link can you simply press R.

And me, being in the state of grumpiness and delirium that I was, kept unintentionally switching back to Link when I wasn’t done controlling Medli, which would require me to pull out the Wind Waker and conduct the Command Melody over and over again. This was the thought process churning in my brain:

“Okay, I’m playing as Medli. I need to reflect sunlight into that pit of poisonous gas. Because I have always known that R brings up Link’s shield, I will press R to bring up Medli’s Harp!”

::presses R::

<reverts back to Link>


To the game’s credit, I was sick and short-tempered so it could have been my delirious ass making a bigger deal out of it than it is, and it is my fault that I’m unable to comprehend the idea of NOT pressing R. Anyway, my patience was so thin that I turned the game off after getting to the third room.

Oh well <3

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